Baileys & Pact Coffee? Delicious! Now you know what to get me for Christmas! :-)


I’m not sure if Baileys and Pact coffee got together and said “now then, what would be the perfect Christmas gift from Kev @ coffee blog uk who just happens to love coffee, and Baileys – or whether it’s just a coincidence, but nevertheless, if any of my readers want to know what to get me, now you know ;-).

They’ve teamed up to create this great Christmas gift for coffee lovers, which includes a specially developed Pact Coffee Baileys blend (2 x 250g bags), a Bialetti Moka Express 2 cup stove put, and a 70cl bottle of Baileys. Click here to find out more.

They sent me the Baileys blend to try, and I have to say, it’s good – and as a Baileys Flat white… there are no words other than “mmmmmmmmmmmm!”

The coffee is an equal blend of beans from two coffee farms in Columbia, Milaflores (Thousand Flowers) and El Silencio (The Silence). Pact have created this blend specifically for its intense citrus acidity to allow the coffee taste to hold its own when mixed with Baileys. It’s very nice on its own, and amazing with Baileys.

Want to know how to make a flat white Martini?

First of all, check you’re over 18 – if you’re not, age appropriately and then come back to this post.

Next, use your Bialetti stove pot to make a shot of espresso. Make it a double if you want to stay awake until the end of the Christmas movie.

Then, grab a cocktail shaker, or a jam jar or something if you need a makeshift shaker, add some ice cubes, and pour some Baileys over them, a couple of table spoons should do it, or a few glugs.

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Add about half a table spoon of milk, full fat, semi, skimmed or whatever you like – I like full fat.

Add the espresso.

Shake it, like a polaroid picture.

Pour it into a glass which looks exactly like the glass above, or into a glass which looks nothing like that, or into whatever you have available.

Add some coffee beans for effect, but remember not to choke on them.

Finally – enjoy!

I may be enjoying one or two of the above on Christmas day, and Christmas Eve, and Boxing day… better go buy another bottle of Baileys!

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