Best UK Coffee Subscriptions.


The term coffee subscription may sound like a bit of an alien phrase if you’re new to speciality coffee, but if you’ve been involved in the third wave coffee scene for a while as I have, you’ll be very familiar with the idea of coffee subscriptions.

In fact, you probably already have a couple on the go, and given that you probably found this post by searching for best coffee subscriptions or a similar phrase, I probably don’t need to spend too much time explaining what they are and why you’d want one. 

I’ve just completely re-written this post because when I first created it, coffee subscriptions were a relatively recent thing, many people weren’t familiar with them, so the post was more concerned with explaining what they are and why you might want to sign up for one than it was about discussing which I think are the best UK coffee subscriptions. 

These days though the majority of people are fully aware of what coffee subscriptions are, so other than explaining that there are a couple of different types of subscriptions, I’ve tweaked this post to be focusing mainly on who I believe currently offers the best UK coffee subscriptions. 

So firstly just to explain the two main categories:

Subscribe & save vs. discovery coffee subscriptions

The subscribe and save option is something you’ll find with many roasters these days, as it’s now so easy to set up this kind of subscription, and it makes so much sense to offer your customers the ability to set up an automatically recurring order to prevent them from running out of their favourite coffee. 

This is something most people are fairly familiar with, with many bigger companies including Amazon now offering subscribe and save options on applicable products. We order quite a few products this way now, including dishwasher tablets, Sodastream gas canisters & tortoise food (so I suppose we really should get a Soda stream, and a tortoise…), oh and Earl Grey Tea bags – although I do sometimes seem to mess these up, I could probably start a business providing tea bags at the moment!

If you find a coffee you absolutely can’t get enough of, and you want to use this as your “house espresso” for example, then you might want to hit the subscribe & save button the next time you’re buying that coffee, and you’ll usually end up saving a bit of money while also ensuring you’re not running out of your favourite coffee beans. 

Discovery Subscriptions

While supply subscriptions are about not running out of your favourite coffee, saving a bit of money and also a bit of time having to go & place your order every month or every couple of weeks, for example, discovery coffee subscriptions bring something else to the table. 

This kind of coffee subscription offers different coffees each month, or whatever the subscription period is. So over a period of time, you’ll be experiencing coffee from different origins, processed via different processing methods, different varietals, and in some cases also roasted by different roasters. 

There are many different firms now offering discovery subscriptions, and they’re all slightly different. There are bag subscriptions, where you receive one bag of coffee each time, and box subscriptions where you receive multiple bags in each box, and these are usually monthly subscriptions. 

There are discovery subscriptions offered by roasters, and then there are also  “Multi Roaster” discovery subscriptions, which offer coffee from a range of different roasteries. 

Discovery subscriptions are the main reason I’ve ended up with so many of them ;-), as I’ve found them to be such a great way to broaden my coffee horizons. If you’re new to speciality coffee and you’ve mainly been consuming commodity coffee until now, the biggest shock you’ll probably have is the huge amount of variety there is with coffee. 

There are around 50 coffee-producing countries, most of which have several different coffee growing regions, and not only the country but also the specific region and the way that region tends to grow and process coffee can have a major impact on the flavour of the coffee. 

Then add to this the fact that there are many different coffee plants that are used to grow coffee beans that are used for speciality coffee (referred to as varietals), which also have different taste profiles. 

These two factors alone create exponential results because all coffee varietals will taste different depending on where they’ve been grown – not only the country, but the particular region or sub-region, even the particular farm or co-op and their particular growing and picking methods can make a difference. 

Coffee Flavour Profiles by Origin

But the possibilities become even more exponential when you add in the other factors, including:

Altitude/Elevation (we tend to refer to Altitude in the UK but the US and some other countries use the term Elevation). How high the coffee is grown, will make a difference to the way it tastes. 

Processing Method. How the coffee beans are separated from the coffee cherry flesh. The way this is done is different in different regions, and different farms, and this can make a big difference to the way the coffee tastes.

Roast Profile. This of course includes how light or dark the beans are roasted, but also the particular roasting method.

So the result of all this is that there are a massive amount of coffees to discover. In fact, I’ve had discovery coffee subscriptions for around six years, at the time of writing, and I’m still discovering new coffees and new tastes all the time. 

The Best UK Coffee Subscriptions. 

OK so with all that said, I’ll now introduce you to the coffee subscriptions in the UK that I believe to be among the best, and it’s worth pointing out that I have most of these subscriptions, so I’m speaking from experience and not just churning out a list.

Use discount code CBNC25 for 25% off your first order.

Now some would say I’m taking advantage of the fact that I own coffeeblog by putting my own firm right at the top of this list, and to that, I would reply “yup, I am!”.  ;-).

I started coffeeblog as a hobby, I spent a heck of time writing the content here before I ever made a penny from it, and I didn’t start the blog with a view to earning from it at all, it was purely started as a passion blog.

After a few years, though, I realized that I had a chance to make my vacation my vocation as they say (no idea who they are, but they say that apparently). I didn’t want to do that with advertising, because when I’m reading a blog post and there are ads popping up all over the shop, I find it very annoying, I’m sure you do too? 

So one of the things I did which helped to lead to the fact that I now do this full time (I left my full-time job in May 2021 and I now get to call this work!) was I started selling coffee beans via The Coffeeworks and promoting it via coffeeblog.

I didn’t just start selling any old coffee beans, though. I sent a series of poles to subscribers to my Brew Time mailing list, asking them to help me with every decision, including the colours, what kind of bags to use, and what flavour profiles they were looking for, so that I was literally creating my coffee brand specifically for them. 

We started very small with just four coffees to choose from, and have built things from there to the point that we currently have a range of 16 lovely single origins & blends.

We don’t currently offer a discovery subscription, but all of our 15 coffees are imported in large quantities at each harvest, so they’re what we refer to as our core coffees, and these are all available on a subscribe and save subscription. All of the coffee is Eco roasted, using waste coffee grounds to power the roasters – and we use curbside recyclable pouches, so you can chuck them in with your recycling, although the seals are good, so they can be re-used too.

If you’re going to try my coffee, please use the discount code CBNC25 if you’re a new customer, for 25% off – and all coffeebotherers get a constant 10% discount using the code: COFFEEBOTHERERS. 


Use discount code CB999 for £8 off your first box.

Blue Coffee Box, are one of my favourite coffee subscriptions, and as far as I’m concerned they’re definitely one of the very best UK discovery subscriptions.

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There are many, many coffee box subscriptions these days, but Blue Coffee Box have been around for quite some time, they’ve built a really strong business as a result of their growing relationships with some of the UK’s best roasteries.

I first met up with BCB (as I like to call them, as it saves me a bit of effort) at London Coffee Festival a few years back. I was really impressed with their plans, and I walked away from our meeting with the impression that the level of experience these guys have are bound to lead somewhere good, and I’ve been proven right in that assumption over the years, as they’ve become among the most successful UK coffee subscription firms. 

BCB are a multi-roaster subscription firm, meaning that they work with lots of different roasters. Initially, I wasn’t sure about this kind of model, that was the only question mark I had about their plans initially, but soon into my subscription with them (as I signed up as a paying customer early on) I realized that this model offers a very particular type of advantage, and that is the increased discovery that comes from receiving coffees from different roasteries. 

The reason I think BCB are among the best UK coffee subscription firm is that they’re among the longest established of this kind of subscription, and as a result, they have a huge number of very good roasters lined up waiting to work with them, so their customers benefit from this. 

They also have a subscription that works like clockwork and is very simple to cancel or amend. I’ve had my subscription with BCB for a few years now, and there was only one occasion where there was any issue, it was a Royal Mail issue, and it was resolved very quickly.

Their packaging is all home compostable, so Blue Coffee Box are definitely one of the coffee subscription firms doing what they can to be planet-friendly.

For more on BCB, see: 

Blue Coffee Box Review

Don’t forget, if you’re giving them a try, use the discount code CB999 for £8 off your first box.


Use discount code CBGRND33 for 33% off your first three month subscription.

If you’re based in London, you’ll probably be aware of Grind, a cafe bar with somewhat of a cult following occupying 11 locations throughout London. They started out at the Shoreditch location in 2011, and now have locations all over London, and their own roastery. 

Having their own roastery, and sourcing their own coffee (which they’re keen to point out are sourced at better than Fairtrade prices, and that the entire range is certified organic) it made perfect sense for them to start selling their coffee online, and to start a subscription. 

Their coffee is available whole bean,  pre-ground, and in completely compostable Nespresso compatible pods. These pods will completely disappear within around 6 weeks of composting, so we are talking proper compostable pods, this isn’t some kind of cheeky ploy whereby for instance only a part of the pod can be composted.

Not only do they offer Nespresso pods, but they also sell their own Nespresso compatible machine, “Grind One” which looks very cool I have to say, it looks more like an E61 group espresso machine than a pod coffee machine. 

They give a free quirky-looking branded tin with subscriptions, so you can keep your coffee neatly stored whether you’re buying whole bean, pre-ground, or pods, and – they’ve offered a very nice 33% discount to coffeeblog readers, off your first 3 months subscription. 



Use discount code CBLOG50 for 50% off your first box!

I’ve known Tom, the founder of Batch Coffee, for a couple of years. He dropped me a message about batch coffee, and this led to Tom helping me by co-writing this post: Coffee Flavour Profiles by Origin. 

It became very clear to me at that point just how much Tom knows about coffee and how passionate he is about it, too, so it’s no surprise to me that the Batch Coffee subscription has done well in a relatively short amount of time. 

In each box, you’ll find 2 different 200g bags of freshly roasted coffee beans, either whole bean or pre-ground for your selected brew method, and you can choose a monthly or a fortnightly subscription.

They’ve included some really great coffees from some really great roasters over the past year or so since I signed up for the subscription, I’ve been really impressed with Batch Coffee, which is why I still have this subscription & I have no plans to let it go.



£5 Off First Order

Free V60 Kit Worth £11

50% off Pact Coffee Pods

40% off First & Third Orders

My first ever subscription was with Pact coffee, I’ve had their coffee subscription now for about 6 years, at the time of writing. 

Pact started out somewhere in between the supply subscription and discovery subscription, but over the years has gradually increased their range and therefore the value of their discovery subscription, in my humble opinion. 

London based Pact Coffee was founded by Stephen Rapoport in 2012 (who previously founded, which was acquired by Airbnb) and was one of the very first coffee subscription services in the UK. 

It was clear from the outset that Pact was set up by someone who knew what they were doing online, the website was incredibly user friendly from day one, and it’s only got better from there in my opinion. 

While they started out outsourcing their roasting, and with a fairly small range, they brought everything in-house and increased the range. They now have three ranges, house, Microlot & select. 

Their website is an absolute doddle to use, and where I think they’re particularly good is how easy it is to pause and cancel plans. A number of times over the years I’ve paused and re-started subscriptions, and it’s always been a very simple & quick process. 

For more on Pact Coffee see: 

Pact Coffee Review



Find Out More

Shop Coffee in Milton, close to Cambridge, is the retail side of wholesale coffee roaster Coffee World and has been roasting coffee in the UK since the early 80s.

They offer a wide range of coffees including single origins and blends, available on a subscribe & save type subscription, and although they don’t have a discover subscription as such, they do offer a number of coffee taster packs. So you can taste lots of different coffees, find out which is your favourite, and then set up a subscription for that.

Their taster packs are a great idea, and it’s not something you’ll find very often, and I know why – because it’s quite difficult to do, logistically, I know as people have asked me for taster packs so I’ve looked into it. 

The “South America” taster pack for example includes coffees from Brazil, Colombia & Peru, and their “Africa” taster pack includes coffees from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya & Burundi – a really good way to try various different coffees, especially if you get a cupping setup (or just a few cups or bowls, and spoons, will do) and do some cupping sessions. 


Use discount code CBLOG40 – for 40% off first subscription order.

Use discount code CBLOG20 – for 20% One time purchases.

Balance coffee was launched by James Bellis, previously a Barista trainer, who was working as the marketing manager for Italian commercial espresso machine manufacturer Sanremo at the time that the Covid-19 madness began.

Not happy with the thought of sitting around for months, he decided this was the perfect time to work on making his dream a reality, and began working on the Balance Coffee subscription.

Balance offers a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly discovery subscription, a decaf subscription, and pre-paid gift subscriptions. 

The ongoing subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time, you can select 250g or 1Kg bag, and they also offer a range of grinding options.


Use discount code ELF for £4 off your first box.

The Dog & Hat subscription is another subscription I’ve had for a few years now. It’s a multi-roaster subscription, so another great one when it comes to discovery, but all of these subscriptions are slightly different, which is why I’ve ended up keeping them all over the years, as I’m not getting the exact coffee or experience from any of them.

With Dog & Hat, I get bags of coffee each month packaged in the roaster’s original bags, which is different from the other multi roaster subscriptions I have. 

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Obviously, this doesn’t make a massive difference, but it is a difference, and it’s one of the things that makes Dog & Hat a bit different to some of the other subscriptions.

Note that I’m not saying better, just different. Best or better is a very subjective thing anyway, and their choice to ask roasters to bag up coffee in their usual bags is just something that makes the Dog & Hat subscription boxes a bit different. 

Something I do particularly enjoy about the dog & hat subscription is the little “Dialled In” booklet that comes with each box. This contains info on each coffee included in the box, plus usually a couple of pages of info on each roastery, various bits 0f news from Su & the team, recipes, tips, and more. 

I find this a really welcomed little addition, a little touch that makes quite a big difference. 

Dog & Hat offers quite a few subscription options:

Assorted, which is the most varied subscription, included Omni-roast (beans roasted for all brew methods) espresso, and filter roasted coffee beans. 

Filter is a subscription specifically for lovers of filter coffee. 

Espresso, which includes Omni-roast and espresso roast profiles.

Darker roasts, for those who enjoy a more traditional espresso roast. 

Decaf, which is a decaf-only subscription – and the only one of its kind unless I’m mistaken.

They also have an international coffee subscription that specialises in roasters outside of the UK.

When it comes to the subscription options, once you’ve chosen your subscription you can choose to receive 2, 3, or 4 250g bags every month. They only provide wholebean, though, no pre-ground, which is a decision I completely understand. 

I can imagine their business model, with all these subscription options, is complex enough to run as it is, if they were to add pre-ground options to this I’d think it would be a complete nightmare ;-). 


Find Out More

Foundry coffee roasters in Sheffield have been around for a while, since 2012 in fact, and have grown from humble beginnings, from a single person operation to being a 6 strong team of coffee fanatics. 

They have a coffee shop, upstairs in the cutlery works on Neepsend lane just around the corner from Wickes, so if you’re in the area you can pop in and buy coffee directly from the shop, and have a coffee while you’re there, it’d be rude not to. 

The way the Foundry subscription works is that they have a different featured coffee each month, and you simply select how much of it you want to receive each month, either 250g, 1Kg, or 2Kg. 

They also offer a gift subscription, allowing you to choose the duration of the subscription, and the weight of coffee to be sent each month, and then you just pay upfront as a gift, and it doesn’t auto-renew at the end of the term. 

Their coffee is roasted on Tuesdays and dispatched on Wednesdays, so when you place your order, your first bag will be dispatched on the following Weds.

With the ongoing subscriptions (not with pre-paid gift subscriptions) you can pause, skip, edit or cancel your subscription at any time. 


Find Out More

Django Coffee Co is a coffee roaster and subscription service based in Southport, Merseyside. I bought a subscription from them a couple of years ago, after reading some rave reviews including one in the Independent’s IndyBest list of the best coffee subscription services in the UK. 

I’ve very much enjoyed all of the coffee I’ve had from Django, and I’d say where they rank very highly, in particular, is the different approach that they brought to subscriptions.

Django offers subscriptions that are purchased in advance. So you can sign up for example, for a one-month subscription, pay for it at the time of signing up, receive one quarter kilo bag of freshly roasted coffee per week (a different coffee each week), and then at the end of the month when you’re running low, if you choose to, you can log in and order another subscription. 

They offer a one-month weekly subscription, a three-month fortnightly subscription, a three-month weekly subscription, and they also now offer a rolling weekly, fortnightly, three weekly, or monthly subscription, and also an office subscription.

The rolling subscription also gives the option of different bag sizes, 1 x 250g, 2 x 250g, 1 x 500g, 2 x 500g or 1 x 1kg. They also sell directly via their website, so if you just want to buy a bag of coffee without any subscription, that’s no problem. They sell a sample pack of 100g of four different coffees for £9.95 which I think is a good option, and also a nice idea as a gift.

For more, see:

Django Coffee Co Review


Find Out More

Hasbean was founded by the Legendary Steve Leighton, who started Hasbean in the late 90s, from very humble beginnings, roasting coffee in his garage & selling it on a market stall in Stafford.

As one of the first third wave coffee roasters in the UK, and certainly among the first to sell coffee beans online, Has Bean became one of the most successful UK coffee roasters over the years, and in 2018 became part of New Zealand based Ozone Coffee Roasters.

What’s particularly different about the Has Bean coffee subscription, is the In My Mug video series, which coincides with the subscription.

So while with most subscriptions you get an info card with a bit of info about the coffee, with the In My Mug subscription from Has Bean you get a video, telling you all about the coffee, giving you tips on brewing it, and so on. The In My Mug series is approaching its seven hundredth video, which is impressive, to say the least!

I have to say, quite a bit of my coffee knowledge came from drinking coffee from Hasbean and watching Steve’s videos talking about these coffees. Steve is no longer hosting these videos, and he’s no longer at the helm of Hasbean, but the series remains as does the unique coffee subscription. 

I don’t currently have a subscription with HasBean, simply because I wanted to pause it as I’d signed up for the weekly one and I had too much coffee. At the time I couldn’t pause the one I’d started so I canceled it with the intention of starting it up again, which I will do, as there’s no other subscription quite like this.  

By the way, you can now edit and pause subscriptions, etc., it’s just that I signed up for it quite a while back before they updated it all. 



Find Out More

Caravan coffee roasters are one of the biggest roasteries in the UK these days, having grown very quickly since their launch in 2010, now having several UK locations, and doing very well in the wholesale market as well as retail. 

I’ve had quite a few bags of Caravan coffee via other subscriptions, it’s not a subscription I’m signed up to at the moment, but this is only because I already had so many by the time I became aware of this subscription.

This is another interesting subscription, not only because of the reputation Caravan has for great coffee – but also because of the choices. This is one of the great things about coffee subscriptions, for me, there are quite a few options in the UK, but there are not many that are exactly the same, they’re all quite unique. 

So the Caravan subscription is split into two halves, filter & espresso. 

The filter subscription gives you the offer of their discovery subscription, what they call their “roasters choice” rotating selection, plus a Decaf and a seasonal blend. 

The espresso subscription offers their roasters choice rotating selection, plus a decaf, a seasonal blend & three other espresso blends.

They offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly subscriptions, and you can choose between 250g bags or 1Kg bags. They offer wholebean or pre-ground (for filter or espresso), and you save 10% off their online shop prices for subscriptions regardless of the frequency. 

As I say, I’ve had some great coffee roasted by these guys, they’re a very well-respected coffee roaster, and their subscription looks great.

My only little bit of constructive criticism is that I’m not a big fan of the navigation of their website, once you’re in the subscriptions area. If you look at one coffee and then click your browser’s back button to go back to the main subscription page, you end up back on the home page or whatever page you started out at before you clicked subscriptions. 

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So that’s a bit of a faff ;-), but other than that, this subscription looks great, and they have a stonking trust pilot score too, which is quite a tricky thing to achieve especially for bigger businesses serving lots of customers. 


Find Out More

Perky Blenders started out the same year as I started coffee blog, back in 2015. A small husband & wife business with a tiny Piaggo Ape outside St James’ Street station, they’ve come quite a long way from there, now having a number of locations throughout London. 

Perky Blenders have a number of different coffees to choose from.

Flexi Club: An ongoing “subscribe & save” type subscription, whereby you choose your preferred blend, and then let them know how you want it (whole beans or pre-ground), the weight you want to order, and the frequency (from weekly through to every six weeks).

Four Week Variety Club: A different blend delivered (200g) each week including the coffee of the month, for four weeks, with free delivery. Auto renews at the end for another 4 weeks unless canceled. 

Roasters Selection Box: 3 x  different blends delivered (200g) each month.

Gift Subscriptions: Option of 3 months, six months & 12 months pre-paid gift subscriptions, 

All of the Perky Blender coffees are packed in biodegradable packaging, and come with the option of whole bean plus a wide range of grind options. 



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Union Hand-Roasted was founded by a couple of very experienced coffee guys, Jeremy Torz and Stephen Macatonia, who worked at Peets coffee in San Francisco in the early 90s. 

They moved back to the UK and began their coffee roasting business, which became the main roaster for The Seattle Coffee Company, with whom they merged, just before it was acquired by Starbucks.  

From here they launched Union hand-roasted, which quickly grew into one of the most successful small-batch roasters in the UK.

Their subscription is called “Coffee Club”,  and one of the key selling points of the Union Hand-roasted coffee club is their flavour profile selector. When you’re setting up your subscription, you can tell them what kind of flavour profiles you enjoy the most. 

They offer a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly subscription, beans or ground, and they offer a “Fine & Rare” plan for an extra couple of quid.


Kev’s Coffee Subscriptions FAQ

Who knew there were so many questions relating to coffee subscriptions? I didn’t until I did some research and found that there are lots of commonly asked questions about them, so I thought I’d do my best to answer as many of them as possible:

What is a coffee subscription?

It’s a subscription for coffee. Next question… OK, I’ll elaborate ;-), subscriptions are where you buy something on a recurring basis, so instead of just buying something, running out of it, or buying more of it – with a subscription, you set up a recurring order, with the hope that you get the order occurrence about right so you don’t run out but also so you don’t end up with a house full of whatever it is you’re ordering. 

What is a subscribe & save coffee subscription?

This is the original kind of subscription which has been around for quite some time. For any consumable product, whether it’s pet food, human food, dishwasher tablets, or whatever the case may be, many companies offer customers a discount if they subscribe rather than buying on a one-off basis. 

Many coffee roasters and speciality coffee suppliers offer their coffee on a subscribe and save basis, offering customers a discount for placing a repeating order instead of a one off order, and the reason they do this is simply that repeat orders are great for business. You’d want to sign up for this type of coffee subscription if you found one or two perfect coffees that you wanted to continually drink & not run out of.

What is a discovery subscription?

Discovery coffee subscriptions or discovery box subscriptions mean that you’re surprised each month (or whatever the frequency of the subscription) by different coffees. There are a huge world of coffee out there, masses of different varietals, processing methods, regions, and roasters, and discovery subscriptions are such a great way to try lots of different tasting coffees over a period of time. 

What are multi roaster coffee subscriptions?

While many coffee subscriptions are operated by coffee roasters, there are companies now who set up to work with coffee roasters, to enable them to offer a bigger range than any single roaster would usually be able to offer. While single roaster subscriptions can offer discovery subscriptions where they’ll send you a different coffee each month, it’s not very common for roasters to have huge numbers of different coffees, so some will rotate the coffees rather than sending you different coffee every single time. With the multi roaster subscriptions, however, you’ll get a huge amount of variety, receiving bags of coffee from different roasters each month.

Costa coffee subscription – what’s that?

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but I’m thinking this is probably a coffee subscription offered by Costa Coffee, Hehe ;-). Actually, joking apart, as far as I’m aware Costa doesn’t actually have a subscription directly, but if you check out Costa Coffee on Amazon,  they do sell their coffee there and you can use the subscribe & save option on Amazon to create a subscription that way. 

Why there isn’t a costa coffee subscription, I’m really not quite sure, I reckon Costa are missing a trick there as regardless of whether I like Costa Coffee beans or not, is beside the point, the fact it millions of people do, and masses of people would probably sign up for a Costa coffee subscription.

Pret coffee subscription, what’s that?

I could say that this is a rather silly question. But actually, it turns out that it isn’t. Yes, the Pret coffee subscription is a subscription offered by Pret, and unlike Costa Coffee, Pret isn’t missing a trick, and do actually offer coffee subscriptions – BUT, it’s not a coffee subscription in the usual sense of the term. You subscribe to cups of coffee, to drink in Pret stores, or take away. Basically, if you go to Pret a lot, you can take a subscription to buy up to 5 of their coffees (or other drinks) per day, for £25 per month. 

This is actually stonkingly good value when you think about it. Just think about it, and you’ll see, that it is stonkingly good value. See? Again, I’m no Sherlock but I reckon there is something like 30 or 31 days in a month or let’s say 20 working days if you’d only visit a Pret in your lunch breaks. Even if we just say working days, this works out at up to 100 drinks (wait, I said I wasn’t Sherlock but I didn’t even need a calculator for that, so maybe I am!) for £25! That’s just 25 pence per drink (OK, I used a calculator for that, I’m not Sherlock after all), now that’s flipping good value!

Can you cancel coffee subscriptions?

Yeah of course. You’ll want to check how to cancel the subscription with whoever you’re thinking of signing up with, but these days most subscriptions make it very easy to pause, skip, change or cancel a subscription at any time. While there were a couple of subscriptions in the past that were a bit more old fashioned and you had to actually get in touch with someone to cancel, I would be very surprised if you find any modern coffee subscription that doesn’t make it very easy to cancel or to pause or skip orders. 

Are coffee subscriptions paid in advance?

Some are, and some subscription firms offer this for gift subscriptions, but leave the standard subscriptions to simply recur monthly or however often you’ve chosen to have your coffee delivered.  Most subscriptions simply work on recurring payments, so whatever the amount you have agreed to spend, is taken each month for example. You might want to pay for a subscription upfront if it’s a gift, for example, if you’re buying a 3-month gift coffee subscription, you may want to pay for that upfront so you’ve bought that gift and you can forget about it, but the recipient will get their coffee for 3 months. 

Life is like a box of chocolates, so join my Brew Time list, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, become an accredited coffee botherer (Patreon supporter), try my coffee at The Coffeeworks (use discount code coffeebotherers), follow me on Twitter & Instagram, follow the coffeeblog FaceBook page, and that’s all I have to say about that. 


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