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Does Coffee Make You Work Better? Brilliant Coffee Infographic

At the end of 2015, I wrote a post about the effect of coffee (well, caffeine in particular) on circadian rhythm, and how observing this connection can help you to get the best buzz from coffee.

In short, the buzz we get from caffeine, and the performance enhancing effects that many of us notice from drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages, relate to the production of the stress hormone “Cortisol” in our bodies.  Introducing caffeine into our system at times when cortisol levels are naturally lower, and avoiding doing so when our cortisol levels are peaking, which I suppose we could call cortisol surfing, is a way to get the best bang from our brew; the way to maximise the effectiveness of the caffeine we are consuming in our coffee.

It’s important to state here that caffeine isn’t the only thing in coffee that is thought to be good for us, in fact, there are masses of antioxidants and other good things in coffee that are thought to contribute to the health benefits that coffee is now believed to provide if consumed in moderation; but when it comes to the hormonal related buzz from coffee, it’s caffeine that we’re concerned with.

Anyway, have sent me this really interesting coffee infographic, which visually describes the effect of coffee on productivity.

This coffee infographic gives information as to when the best times in the day would usually be to drink coffee,  why caffeine will have a longer lasting effect on some people than others, how to combat caffeine headaches, and other tips for using your favourite beverage to increase productivity.

Interestingly the research that went into creating this coffee infographic shows that while caffeine does increase productivity, it doesn’t improve creativity. So it will help you to process tasks quicker, and to get more done, but it won’t necessarily help you to perform at the top of your game in terms of your abilities and creativity.

See the coffee infographic below:


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