Smokey Barn Coffee Roasters


Smokey Barn coffee are one of the few hundred UK small batch coffee roasters that are in the list of UK coffee roasters, and they’ve kindly sent me some of their lovely freshly roasted coffee beans to try! 🙂

First of all a little bit about the roastery. 

Smokey Barn was founded by roaster Chris Queen, and is a small batch coffee roastery in Norwich, Norfolk. Chris grew up around coffee, with his parents opening a coffee shop when he was twelve, and his dream to make coffee his career was realised in 2011 when he converted the barn in his garden into a coffee roastery. The business has blossomed since then, and the roastery moved from the smokey barn, to more commercially viable premesis on King street in Norwich in 2013, but the name remained, as a reminder of the humble beginnings of what is now a thriving roastery.

They offer Barista training and coffee consultancy services, as well as freshly roasted speciality coffee beans. For more info see their website:

The coffee:

I tried El Salvador Cerro De Ataco & Colombia Cundinamarca

Colombia Cundinamarca

Taste: Full bodied and sweet with a sharp citrussy fruitiness and notes of honey and nuts

Altitude: 1500m

Location:Cundinamarca, central Colombia 

Process: Fully washed.

Varietal: Caturra

My thoughts:

Nice! This is a very enjoyable fruity coffee, with a full creamy mouthfeel & notes of chocolate and nuts. I’m very impressed with the price at just under a fiver for 250g! I tried this via various processes, and found it enjoyable via all, but my favourite was brewed via Oomph and V60. Very enjoyable, didn’t last long!

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El Salvador Cerro De Ataco

Taste: Deep caramel and citrus notes followed by a chocolate finish.

Altitude: 1400m

Location: Jasal, El Salvador

Process: Fully Washed

Varietal: Bourbon

My thoughts:

Nom nom! I’ve tried this as espresso & brewed (Oomph / Aeropress / V60), and it’s a stunning coffee with both. It’s a very nutty flavoured coffee when brewed, as Espresso it has more of a dark chocolate taste, still with notes of nuts but not quite as nutty as when brewed. Again, I’m very impressed with the low price for such a lovely coffee, great value for money!

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